eddyMax The Box
Digital 4-Frequency
Universal Eddy Current Testing Instrument
. . . . . .
One single 4-Frequency / 2 Probe Channel Instrument
for all eddy current testing applications
Technical Data

Frequency Range
10 Hz up to 2.5 MHz
Number of Frequencies
4 adjustable frequency channels. Adaption of the transmitter output voltage to the probe, range -40 up to 8 dB adjustable in 0.1 dB increments
Probe Matching
Adjustable preamplifier for optimal matching to the sensitivity of the probe, range 0 up to 78 dB in 6 dB increments with signal level indicator
Total gain range from -48 up to 126 dB main gain range from -48 up to 126 dB, adjustable in 0.1dB increments, preamplifier range from 0 up to 78 dB, X/Y axis spread from -20 dB up to 20 dB adjustable in 0.1 dB increments
360 in 0.1- increments
Adjustable low pass and high pass filter, range from 0.1 Hz up to 5000 Hz

Operation of The Box is remotely performed by an external PC, e.g. a notebook using the appropriate software for the inspection task.
Flexible Channels
Depending on the inspection task and the application used for the inspection several channels for signal processing including signal mixing channels are available
Signal Display
Coloured signal display in impedance and chart mode, switchable to display in impedance mode with several signal windows.
The dot can be displayed in store or nonstore mode with highlighted signal trace.
Signal display in C-Scan Mode
Coloured signal display in the impedance window and coloured C-Scan display in the chart window

Modes of Operation / Probe Types
The instrument can be used for static testing with hand probes or dynamic operation with rotation probes. All types of probes like SR-probe, bridge probes and reflection probes can be connected.
System In-/Outputs

  • Ethernet remote connector
  • EC probe connectors
  • EC system connectors
    Protocol Functions
  • Hardcopy of the screen display
  • Text editor for labeling the screen display prior to the output
  • Protocol output with text editor and documentation of the instrument parameters of all used channels
    Height: 225mm
    Width : 125mm
    Length: 460mm
    approx. 6 kg
    approx. 5-6 hours operation

    Extensions and Accessoires
    Power Supply
    external 24 V DC
    incl. 100 - 240 V AC adaptor
    Optional Instrument Extensions
    C-MEC remote field extension
    probe-push-puller for heat exchanger tube inspection
    probe rotors for borehole and tube testing
    Software Extensions
    TubeMax application with signal analysis for heat exchanger tube inspection WinDevos-Data manager for heat exchanger tube inspection
    SLOFECTM application for tank and pipe inspection
    ScanMax / RotoMax application for surface scan inspection tasks
    eddyMax Scan Imaging Software
    various probe adapters
    remote controlled polar- and XY-manipulator systems
    scanner for C-scan testing at flat and rotational symmetric samples
    probes for a wide range of applications
    test and calibration standards
    transport box
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