eddyMax Control
Eddy Current In-Service
Tube Inspection System
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The Complete Solution for
Eddy Current In-Service Tube Inspections
10 Years Approved under Field Conditions
Easy to Learn and Easy to Operate Software
Automatic Signal Analysing, Defect Detection and Defect Depth Evaluation
Manipulator Control Option for Fully Remote Controlled Inspection of Heat Exchangers
WINDEVOS Powerful Data Documentation Software
C-MEC Remote Field Option for Inspection of Ferromagnetic Tubing
High Speed Inspection with Online Signal Analysis
Easy to learn
The easy operation of the eddyMax-Control in-service tube inspection system is ensured by the field approved components and the user friendly menu- and function-key-controlled software, which are permanently improved by our operators.
Multi-frequency digital eddy current instrument
The eddyMax- Control is designed for fast in-service tube inspection. With this portable system a lot of advantages are brought to heat exchanger inspection activities.
High Detection Capacity
Detection of wall thinning as the result of erosion, corrosion, wear, pitting, cracks and baffle cuts.

Inspection of NFe and Fe Tubing
Inspection of non-ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic tubing in petrochemical, chemical and power generation plants.
Easy Parameter Setting
All parameter settings and configurations are done from the keyboard and can be individally stored and retrieved from hard or flexible disk.

Computer Controlled Probe Handling
Complete remote operated computer controlled probe handling beginning with the HPP2.V3 probe push-puller system up to a 3 axis manipulator system can be optionally included in the system.
Manipulator Control
Inspection of tubing in high radiation or contaminated areas by fully automated remote controlled manipulator system.

Data Recording
Raw eddy current data is recorded as x- and y- components of each channel on hard disk. Intelligent data reduction algorithms ensures maximum use of storage capacity. For permanent storage the signals can be written to an optional installed optical disk drive.

Coloured real-time display
Coloured real-time display of x-y impedance plane and/or strip chart signals selectable from up to 4 signal channels and several independent mixer channels. Each channel may be assigned to any window, whereby in each window all available channels may be displayed at the same time.

Multi Mix Module
The innovative multi mix module with free adjustable mixer channels allows very effective suppression of noise and disturbing signals e.g. baffle plate signals. Due to the automatic mix function the mixer is set within seconds by pressing only a single key.
Protocol Function
This function allows the output of the actual impedance plane image including instrument settings for documentation purposes.

Signal Analysis Software
The automatic signal analysing software module allows defect depth evaluation of differential signals either online during inspection or offline from stored signals. The data from up to 1000 defect signals per tube will be evaluated and stored directly.
Calibration Curve Generation
The generation of calibration curves, the signal phase setting and phase grid display is done according to ASME-code or user defined requirements.


WINDEVOS Data Documentation Software
The powerful WINDEVOS data documentation software provides the perfect planning and result presentation of heat exchanger tube inspections under Windows. Several documentation works like graphic tube sheet map generation, report output, automatic plugging map calculation and output, statistics and automatic display of defect evolution are done by this software. The extended color and marking option menu allows customized result

Inspection accessories
By a great number of probes for different inspection tasks, rotors for tubes and boreholes, software modules and other accessories the eddyMax-Control can be adapted to different inspection tasks in an optimal way and enables the user to fulfill a great variety of inspection
Technical Data

Frequency Range
10 Hz up to 2.5 MHz
Number of Frequencies
4 adjustable frequency channels. Adaption of the transmitter output voltage to the probe, range -40 up to 8 dB adjustable in 0.1 dB increments
Mix and Multi-Purpose Channels
several mix and multi-purpose channels useable as signal mixing channels, low gain channels and additional impedance signal display when working in the rotation mode
Probe Matching
Adjustable preamplifier for optimal matching to the sensitivity of the probe, range 0 up to 78 dB in 6 dB increments with signal level indicator
Total gain range from -24 up to 102 dB main gain range from -24 up to 24 dB, adjustable in 0.1 dB increments, preamplifier range from 0 up to 78 dB, X/Y axis spread from -20 dB up to 20 dB adjustable in 0.1 dB increments
360 in 0.1- increments
Adjustable low pass and high pass filter, range from 0.1 Hz up to 5000 Hz

Signal Display
Coloured signal display in impedance and chart mode, switchable to display in impedance mode with 3 signal windows.
The dot can be displayed in store or nonstore mode with highlighted signal trace.
Signal display in C-Scan Mode
Coloured signal display in the impedance window and coloured C-Scan display in the chart window
Parameter setting by menues and function keys. Storage of the entire parameter setting and signals on floppy and hard disk.
Probe Adaptor
Exchangable probe adaptor for connection of probe from other manufacturer
Probe Modes of Operation
The instrument can be used for static testing with hand probes or dynamic operation with rotation probes. All types of probes like SR-probe, bridge probes and reflection probes can be connected.
Power Supply
external 24 V DC
incl. 100 - 240 V AC adaptor
approx. 5-6 hours operation

System In- / Outputs

  • Parallel printer interface Centronics
  • Serial interface RS232
  • USB connector for external devices
  • Ethernet network connector
  • eddyMax system outputs
  • Input for eddyMax position encoder
    Protocol Functions
  • Text editor for labeling the screen display prior to the output
  • Protocol output with text editor and documentation of the instrument parameters of all used channels
    Software Modules
  • eddyMax Basis Software module
  • Signal Analysis for heat exchanger tube inspection
  • WINDEVOS Data manager for Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection
  • eddyMax RotoScan-Software module
  • eddyMax Scan Imaging Software modul
  • Windows operating system
    Extensions and Accessoires
    Optional Instrument Extensions
    C-MEC remote field extension
    probe-push-puller for heat exchanger tube inspection
    probe rotors for borehole and tube testing
    probe adapter
    CD-R/RW recorder
    protocol printer
    transport box
    Software Extensions
    Signal Analysis for Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection
    WINDEVOS Data manager for Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection
    RotoScan for C-Scan testing at flat and rotational symmetric samples
    Scan Imaging RotoScan for C-Scan signal processing and analysis
    Interface for programming own software modules
    Internal probes for conventional, remote field and magnetic biased ec testing
    remote controlled polar- and XY-manipulator systems
    scanner for C-scan testing at flat and rotational symmetric samples
    Rotating probes for internal tube inspection
    probes for a wide range of applications
    test and calibration standards
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